intoSurgery, for whom …

For students

For those who do want to become a doctor and for those who are just curious,
Wearing VR glasses you get a change to be one in our immersive virtual real surgery playground.
Exciting exploration of the miraculous world of surgery.

For nursing school students

For those who do want to become a nurse, prepared for the unexpected,
we offer a virtual real ward or intensive care unit.
Practice all situations where your patients can end up.

For apprentices

For those who do want to become a surgeon,
we offer a virtual real university medical center.
Become experienced with Tendr’s experiential learning academy with lots of patients. information and guidance.
Get confidence to face your patient in the operating room.

For surgeons

For those surgeons who do want to stay competent and qualified,
we offer a virtual real discipline center.
Stay connected to your medical societies and implement new guidelines in your daily practice with Tendr Academy.

For consultants

For those who do want to practice the ultimate from the phrase “see one, do one, teach one” and wish to publish a learning module,
we offer Tendr Academy.

Bring your learning modules to a higher level with virtual patients and deliver experiential learning modules.

For members of medical societies

For those who do take the lead to bring the profession to the next level,
we offer Tendr Academy.

Take care of the implementation of new guidelines, nation or worldwide and initiate experiential learning modules.

For surgical nurses

For those who do want to become a member of a dedicated team assisting the surgeon,
we are currently developing a multi-player virtual real surgery playground.
Practice the unexpected situations in the operating room without the fear.

To be expected soon.